Wedding to planner

This service is created for those pairs that wish a perfect and full wedding of details. Letting of side stress arrange its work with organization of the wedding. We have ideas and solutions for everything what they need.

A wedding with style is only obtained when the decoration generates an ambient set, in which all the elements follow the same line, tendency, colors…

In MNN-Team we will help them so that their ideas fit perfectly in the puzzle of the wedding.

Put yourself in contact with us without wasting time and it finds out how our ideas and experience can lay the way to the success.

Social events

The social events include a great type of events and normally usually they are noncorporative, as anniversaries, puttings of length, birthday, tributes, weddings, communions, baptisms


These events also must follow some protocol rules. We will help him to know them and to guide to them so that the events that organize are perfect.


He punctures in the images for more information.

It wants to belong to our equipment?

Collaborating companies

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