Esponsorización and sponsorship

The society changes to a speed that forces to us to be very kind not to lose the train. The globalisation has caused that the public is more and more demanding and more is informed. The companies and institutions must adapt their strategies of communication, developing new formulas to optimize their public image.

In MNN-Team we have the necessary equipment so that their project, event or brand is visible in the market. We have the tools to make him arrive at new markets. The esponsorización and the sponsorship are the way to obtain it.

We offer the search of esponsorización for events, organizations, companies, associations and sportsmen, with the mind put in:

  • To increase the visibility of the company.
  • To be different itself from the competitors.
  • To show to specific products and services.
  • To improve the image of the organization.
  • To help to establish nearer relations with the clients.

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AEMET and RFEV Santander 2014

Murimar and RFEV Santander 2014


Neckmarine and

Real Federación Española de Vela


Technical school Nautical RFEV and Superior of Santander 2014

Lotteries of the State and

RFEV Santander 2014

Real Casa Moneda and Timbre and RFEV

 Santader 2014


University of Santander and RFEV

ENDESA and RFEV Santander 2014


F. To overcome the Cancer

and Real Federación Española de Vela 


HP and RFEV Santander 2014

Ssangyong and RFEV Santander 2014


Banco Santander and

RFEV Santander 2014



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