Corporative, cultural, beneficial and sport events

For great companies, small medians or 

Conferences, conventions, congresses, launchings of new products, presentations, press conferences, trips of incentive as much for clients as for employees, support of coaching and activities of Team Building


Team Building?; he motivates, he inspires and he stimulates.

Co-we create and we produce motivational activities for corporative equipment of all the sizes and profiles.

For beneficial organizations

Every time they are plus the organizations, educative and particular centers that are mobilized because they wish to organize events with shared in common aims to contribute with its sand granite to fight the inequalities, to help to the affected ones by displaced natural disasters, refugees and. Or to collect bottoms for the investigation of different diseases, as the cancer organizing sport swap-meets, events, interactive contests, games, concerts, tombolas, plays….

We can help you to organize your shared in common activity: You decide what knowing that a percentage of the collection we will destine it to the aims that you choose. It is easy! 

For sport organizations

Presentations of equipment of competition, internal and external planning of matches, leagues between companies of same group or the sector, hospitality programs, plans vips…

Put yourself in contact with us without wasting time and it finds out how our ideas and experience can lay the way to the success.

Experts in the world of the candle, with more than eight years of experience.

Experience. Confidence. Security.

With a planning and integral organization of any boat race

social, provincial, national and international.

We were in charge from zero, from the request of the headquarters of the championship to the corresponding organisms, to the last detail: dossier of presentation, inscriptions, classifications, officials, delivery of prizes, attendance of authorities, etc….

It wants to belong to our equipment?

Collaborating companies

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