What can make MNN-Team by you?

MNN-Team is born to give service, medians and small businesses as well as to individuals and social and sport organizations great. For all we to size have a done solution and necessity.


MNN-Team is a company that can help in the planning, development, organization and communication of projects, corporative actions and events, social, cultural and sport.


Explain to us which are their objectives and needs and we will help with our ideas and experience him to secure the success of his project. 

What offers MNN-Team to him?

Our team of professionals offers the following services to him:


  • Corporative, cultural and sport events
  • Esponsorización
  • Social Wedding to planner and events
  • Personnel for events
  • Merchandising
  • Cabinet of Communication
  • Image and design


Put yourself in touch with us without wasting time and find out how our ideas and experience can lay the way to the success.

Corporative, cultural and sport events

Conferences, conventions, congresses, launchings of new products, presentations, press conferences, trips of incentive as much for clients as for employees, support of coaching and activities of Team Building?

Esponsorización and sponsorship

Búqueda of esponsorización for events, organizations, companies, associations and sportsmen.

Social Weddings and events

Our specialists will attend with the management and preparation to him of their wedding, as much in the pre-events as in the post-events. With the option of several styles and whereas clause the different points of view.

Personnel for events

Highly qualified personnel with several languages, of support and protocol, speakers, presenters and experts in nonverbal language. Technicians of audio-visual, vigilant, etc…


Advertising articles for one mark existing, or creation of an own brand and its products with an exclusive design.

A great variety of customized articles with corporative logo and images.

Cabinet of communication

Study of the strategy to follow, press note writing, call and coordination of presentation, press conferences and pursuit of means and personnel specialized in public relations. 

Image and corporative design

Corporative identity with a graphical design and customized model-making in different supports, forms, digitalises, Web, edition of videos ......

It wants to belong to our equipment?

Collaborating companies

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