Each project is unique. About MNN-Team we thought about his needs, without fear to the challenges.

We try to make reality his dreams, offering different alternatives and giving him to the necessary infrastructure and the unconditional support to him until achieving the success.

We turn the organization of its event into experiences and emotions. Just like vps web hosting has been helping us with our website so that we can spread more information to you! Using web hosting is truly an amazing experience for us. Using unlimited web hosting has been really helpful. Because it also helps with MySQL database which is a very important software for us.


This service is created for those pairs that wish a perfect and full wedding of details. Letting of side stress arrange its work with the organization of the wedding. 


They do not put limits to the day and let help to us, fitting us them to its needs. 



  • Corpotariva design name brand
  • Own brand of products and exclusive design
  • Variety of exclusive and customized articles with logo
  • Textile and advertising articles


Presentations of equipment of competition, internal and external planning of matches, leagues between companies of the same group or the sector, programs hospitality, plans vips…


Complete solutions in candle

With a planning and integral organization of any type of social, provincial, national or international boat race.


Esponsorización and Patrocinio

  • To increase the visibility of the company.
  • To be different itself from the competitors.
  • To improve the image of the organization.
  • To help to establish nearer relations with the potential clients and the present ones.

Cabinet of communication

  • Study of the suitable dedicated server strategy to follow
  • Press note writing
  • Call and attendance to press conferences
  • Preparation of dossier of press and pursuit of means
  • Discharge, strategy and segmentation in RRSS
  • Public relations
  • Integral coordination of presentations to the Press

Image and corporative Design



  • Image name brand
  • Corporative identity
  • Graphical communication
  • Design, model-making and graphical production
  • Design of webpage

Personnel for events

The necessary personnel for events is very varied, represents a key factor for the planning, organization and the putting in scene. It is fundamental to express what is wanted to show and what it tries itself to say in the context of the event.

We create experiences, planning his event from zero so that it is a success

Realised events

ISAF World Championship 2014

Neckmarine presentation

Merchandising Real Federación Española de Vela

Presentation merchandising RFEV

It does not put limit to his ideas: whatever his project, we will look for the solution his measurement.

Welcome to MNN-Team!

Companies that trusted us

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